6 Reasons Why Your Company Should Introduce an Alcohol and Drug Policy


Many businesses debate the demand for the Drug and Alcohol Policy Occasionally it’s for sensible reasons. They dislike the idea of carrying out tests because of the stigma and at times situations associated with their outcomes and drug evaluations and conducting tests partly because of the use of assets involved. They are normally unsure of the processes and don’t wish to need to engage drug testers and purchase onsite drug testing kits. There are risks that are not understood, although all of these are reservations that are obvious.

The fact is that drug abuse is prevalent in the community. Statistics show that some individuals of working age use or have used drugs of some sort. Alcohol is the cause of over 90 percent of incidents of violence, and actual alcoholism isn’t just unknown in the modern workplace.

Reasons for introducing an Alcohol and medicine Policy

Managers will inform you that in situations such as these, their occupations become endless hours of damage management, and in some instances involve acting as “referees” involving carpal staff. The real price of drug and alcohol abuse may have a dollar value, but the effects on quality of life at work are at times irreparable, and expensive.

Among the most forgotten problems with alcohol and drug use in the places of work is that judgment and most of all operation, are affected by alcohol and drug use. A drunk or drunk person is a possibly real risk. In the building business as well as the transactions, the possible hazards are so serious that alcohol testing for employment and drug testing is obligatory, and abuse of the substances simply cannot be tolerated. It’s just too dangerous.

In “office tasks” the hazards are distinct, but they’re potentially pricey. A man under the consequences of alcohol and medications is the person that you want handling your finances or running your account. Theft on the portion of people or Fraud is also common.

In customer-associated industries, being represented by a person who’s drunk, or an ice user when under the consequences of ice isn’t precisely the ideal look for the organization, either. In sales, presentation of people under the effects of drugs or alcohol and the bad judgment are liabilities. Be sure to visit this website at http://www.ehow.com/facts_5431690_urine-drug-testing.html and know more about drug testing.

Staff affected by these exact workplace environments may leave, adding cost to employers on top of the harm done by the alcohol and drug misuse.

Drug testing employees’ process is for avoidance, rather than Damage control following the occasion. People can be killed or maimed in accidents, property, and money could be stolen, and the workplace may also be turned into a war zone, simply because of alcohol and drugs abuse.


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